About Us

Jeunesse Medical Spa was a natural expansion of Samra Plastic Surgery to non-surgical aesthetics and post-operative care. As the first medical spa in Monmouth county (now with a second location in Middlesex County!), it opened in 1982 to help women and men achieve their skin and body care goals. Jeunesse operates under the medical direction of Said A Samra, MD, FACS, FICS and is supported by four additional board-certified plastic surgeons, Asaad H Samra, MD, FACS, Munjal P Patel, MD, FACS, Salem Samra, MD, FACS, and Fares Samra, MD.


jeunesse medical spa 5 board-certified plastic surgeons

To book a consultation with one of our five board-certified plastic surgeons, please call 732.739.3033